Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OK, Chelsea, Gina, Mom, and everybody else in the family that is gonna give me grief.......... the purpose of the blog when I created it was to have someplace to put some of the picturest that I have been taking when hiking. That way you can look if you want, and not have to worry about my putting a stack of pictures in front of you when you come over. And yes Chelsea, I do use your blog to stay on top of the events in your life, at least the ones that you post............. one of the many things your dad does to keep his eye on you. ( remember posting that you needed towels and shower curtains....?) So, anybody that follows the links from other posts over here, the picture that my devil daughter posted showed my oldest daughter on her graduation day at 18 years, and my youngest child, my son, at about 8 months, and I am proud of them both.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Devil Daughter

Soooo obviously this isn't Bryan. THIS IS HIS ELDEST SNEAKY DAUGHTER!

I have done the liberty of hacking his Blogger page because I have realized that he has been mysteriously checking up on me thru my blog page...

and what would anyother teenage girl do... HACK OF COURSE@@!!!!!!!!

SOOOOO a lil about my dad..

He Has his own business. He lays hardwood beautiful hardwood floors all around Washington.

IF you wanna look at some pics of them you can always visit

My dad also likes to go hiking and he hates fishing. He LOVES taking pictures of scenery and makes BEAUTIFUL frames and hangs the pics up at his house.

he is older than dirt...

he has a wife and four kids (three girls and thank god FINALLY A BOY)

He skiis and doesn't snowboard....he Hasn't caught that train yet haha

anddd yeah thats about it for now!!!