Friday, June 12, 2009

Lower Lena Lake

Darius and I met with Joe, Kris, and Andrew Sunday morning. Lower Lena Lake was only a 6 mile round trip hike, but Darius is getting too big for the pack I carry him in, and big enough that he thinks he should be down and walking himself, so he was kinda difficult for much of the hike. at 20 months old, while large for his age, his coordination is still not good enough to hike without holding my hand, something he does not like to do.

But let him hold his uncle Joes and cousin Andrews hand and he is just one of the guys.

This was kind of cool. We hiked across this large Boulder field, it looks just like a large dry stream bed.

Then Below the boulders, this stream bed does start, coming out of the rocks

Once we got there we saw that this was one of the larger mountain lakes that we have hiked too.

It was nice, Darius even went swimming (kind of) then on to a stream, and back down the Mountain


Gramma 2 Many said...

Great pictures. Love that baby boy.

bringing up boys said...

Next time, bring me rocks! Cool pics, Can you hear God there?