Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue Lake

Darla, Darius, and Dad went to Blue Lake for two days. Almost the middle of july, so you know it was warm and dry

And since it was warm and dry, there was no need for a tent, Right? And since there was no need for a tent, Darla was terrified of the black bears, mountain lions, and anything else that might go bump during the night, so she did not sleep much, allowing Darius and I to sleep soundly. Except for the period of time around midnight that is, when it started raining. (remember, no tent)

We took a day hike here last year, and saw this

So we know there are bears.

There was about ten feet of open water around the lake, so Darius and I fished for dinner. The experience confirmed that I have the patience of a (almost) two year old when it comes to fishing, but we did manage to catch one small trout to share. Luckily we brought some cup o noodle soups also, the cups then served for hot cider and hot chocolate cups later in the night.


Gina said...

Darla, next time, you can sleep with me.

Kris said...

Would you be safer in a tent?
Or just drier?

Gramma 2 Many said...

I think just dryer. But I understand you invited dad and I. Where were we suppose to sleep? I did not see a single motel sign in any of your pictures.